Kitty Keeper is a game for iOS and Android mobile platforms that is all about looking after adorable cats in a beautiful mansion.

Adopt hundreds of unique cats and build a cat paradise for your furry friends. Watch them roam around the mansion and play with all kinds of themed furniture pieces. Participate in special events, feed your favourite cats special treats, and then send them out to explore and find even more cats and rare items.

For the fashion enthusiasts, dress up your prettiest cats in fantastical hats and take photos of them. At the same time, make sure you stay on the lookout for special rare cats that you can collect from quests!

As you fix up and decorate your mansion, discover all the secrets of the mansion, and meet all the residents of the town of Mancatten.

Meet Jude the cat, and help all of his furry friends build this majestic mansion into the most incredible kitty sanctuary that ever was.

  • Unlock, renovate and customize all 24 rooms and yard areas
  • Discover all of the secret keepsakes in the mansion to unravel the incredible love story of previous owners, Millicent and Martin
  • Complete story quests for special rewards
  • Meet over 5,000 cats by exploring the city of Mancattan
  • Level up to 80 to unlock everything!

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