Wild Life is a narrative-based bubble shooter game that is currently in development for mobile platforms. Wild Life combines the popular bubble shooting genre with the immersive story-builder genre to create a unique and compelling experience.
By playing and progressing through a series of fun, skill-based bubble shooter levels, the player is able to advance through the game’s deep and engaging story, and build their farm to their own liking.
Meet Chloe, a busy young woman that returns from the city to her old family farm to try and sell it. However, while she is there, an unexpected storm strikes the farm and puts it into disrepair! She needs to fix it up before she can get to selling it, but time is short, as she needs to return to her job back in the big city.

In the midst of fixing up the farm, Chloe encounters a number of wild animals on the property that she befriends and decides to provide a home for. In doing so, she rekindles her love of nature, and begins to discover the beauty of a simpler life.

Interested in Wild Life?
Contact us with any enquiries!

Interested in Wild Life?
Contact us with any enquiries!

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