More Fun. Every Day.
More Fun.
Every Day.
Our studio is an empire of individuals. We strive to be a diverse and inclusive workplace, with clear and stated values that support the wellbeing of the team as a whole. The more you feel respected, the better you can focus on your work, and we want your work to be stupendous and awesome every day!


Mighty Kingdom wants everyone at all levels to achieve in the role they were hired for and contribute to the evolution of the company. We know that needs structure that doesn’t feel like structure. Management only exists if you need it. The rest is up to you, your team, and the relationship you build with them to make awesome games.

Many of the team are industry veterans, with decades of experience entertaining audiences all over the world. Those networks help us work with educators, industry partners and government to grow the eco-system of game dev culture here in South Australia. We want our industry, and the professionals within it, to be respected, supported and crazy successful right here in Adelaide.

When you have the world’s best job (and you know we do), you want to celebrate! Video games, horror movie nights, board games, Dungeons & Dragons, escape rooms, art study clubs, sports, barbecues, and social drinks are just a few of the things we enjoy!

We work hard, and we play hard! Mighty Kingdom loves parks, movies, music, and stepping out in our best dress. Representing the culture of fun and respect at industry events is a part of why we want to build the biggest, most diverse, and insanely talented team in the world.

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