Making Great Games
with Real Results

Making Great Games
with Real Results


Transitioning customers from a product to a gaming experience helps to broaden their experience with your brand, as well as forging positive bonds and lasting relationships with your customers.

Every minute a person spends engaging with your game is more time spent with your brand instead of with your competitors.


We tailor games that accurately reflect your products, and carry your specific brand values across to your consumers.

Our games help you reach your customers in a diferent medium, and allow them to interact with your brand in a more immersive setting, providing a seamless transition to and from your products.


Our games are carefuly designed to maximize outcomes for our customers.

We collect gameplay metrics, and use these to make intelligent iterations to our games. By optimizing gameplay and adjusting design in this manner, we ensure our products always remain effective, with clear, measurable results.

Your brand to mobile

Mighty Kingdom specializes in cultivating strong brand eco-systems through development of digital game experiences with quality brands.

Games are an increasingly prevalent form of entertainment media that people engage with on a daily basis. The average person spends several hours playing games per day, and will often become emotionally attached to the world they are interacting with. By creating immersive experiences around a brand, we allow people to develop a stronger relationship with that brand’s values, products, and services. This effectively improves loyalty, authority, visibility, and revenue.

Known for our dedication to quality and agility, we have worked alongside international brands such as Disney, LEGO, Moose Toys, and KitCat Co.


The Team

Located in Adelaide, South Australia, Mighty Kingdom was founded in 2010 by a two-man duo. Since then, our ever-expanding team has taken on people from all walks of life and disciplines. A rich and diverse culture is important for new ideas and innovation, and Mighty Kingdom supports this as much as possible.

We are passionate about games, and motivated to contribute positively to the growing games industry. And we like to have fun while we do so!


Interested in joining the team?

We are always looking for talented, enthusiastic people–both new and experienced–that want to pursue a career in the games industry!

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