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Welcome to a different kind of work environment. As one of Australia’s leading games developers, Mighty Kingdom is redefining the way people play.

Mighty Kingdom is a place where diversity, problem solving, enthusiasm and expertise shines! We work with world recognised clients like LEGO, Disney and Moose Toys, and continue to attract leading brands in the entertainment industry.


Level Designer

Work collaboratively to build, launch, and analyze well-balanced puzzle game levels, in order to support the delivery of the games’ core vision and complement the given game mechanics.


Responsible for assembling and managing a team of engineers, designers, and artists; outlining, scheduling, and tracking tasks; and making sure the project is on budget and completed within the scope agreed by the client or internally.

UI/UX Designer

Work collaboratively to gather requirements, create screen flows, wireframes, product prototypes, and assist in content development.

Backend Systems Developer

Responsible for setting up and maintaining backend systems and support for our games and platforms.

Technical Artist

Research, define, extend, and maintain production pipelines, processes, and workflows.

Rigging Technical Director

Use your artistic vision and technical skill to help animate realistic characters and enhance the immersion of a player into the game.

Pipeline Technical Director

Ensure workflows, tools and processes are improving the way we make games.

Graduate Program

Applications Open!

Have you recently finished a course? Or if you have not had formal training, are you capable and willing to study and learn?

We offer a paid graduate program to help you up-skill and become industry ready!


Mighty Kingdom is always looking for more people to join the team, so we can continue to create more and more great products. We work hard to provide career opportunities for senior technicians and new graduates alike, and we firmly believe in raising the bar of the entire games industry in Australia. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats.

A successful game development studio requires a broad range of skillsets, and at Mighty Kingdom we have teams of highly varied disciplines to make it all happen.
Among many other assorted roles, some of our primary roles include:

Concept Artist/Illustrator



Game Designer


Quality Assurance

3D Artist

Technical Artist

Backend Systems Developer

Product Manager

UI/UX Designer

Narrative Designer/Writer

We recognise the importance of a team of diverse individuals, and always strive to employ people from all different cultures and backgrounds. We always welcome new perspectives and experiences, which are critical to growth and innovation.

To succeed at Mighty Kingdom, we look for people that are passionate about what they do, so they are self-motivated and driven to perform to the best of their ability. We avoid micro-management as much as possible, and strive to maintain a very flat management structure, allowing each person to self-manage and achieve their results in a way that best suits them. Regardless of a person’s technical specialty, problem solving in a team environment is a fundamental part of working in the games industry, so interpersonal communication skills are a valuable asset.

Most importantly, our team understands that we work with a customer-focused approach, and always have the best interest of our clients and players in mind, which means we are agreeable to putting our own personal opinions aside when we need to.

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